Monday, April 19, 2004

this is turning into a food blog

livejournal just ate my original post, so this one will be shorter =p

today was a swelteringly hot day, topping 30C in the late afternoon, and The Apartment is stupefyingly hot. my ability to focus on reading -already not the best in the world when it comes to this book- just completely slipped away. and alex took a nap and woke up befuddled and -gasp- not hungry! so our original plan to cook up some nice fat juicy steaks had to be put on hold while i searched for something to eat that wouldn't prostrate me. us.

at first, i considered making a cold tomato soup. it sounded refreshing; the idea of serving it from a pitcher was appealing. especially if said pitcher had previously been in my (extremely full) freezer. but the only pitcher i own is made of plastic and stained with chinese tea stains, so i had to look for an alternative. then it came to me: French Onion Soup. quickly searching, printing out a recipe, and then dragging alex to the store for ingredients.

slice a medium to large onion into reasonably thin slices. in a medium sized pot, melt some butter with a dash of olive oil, then throw in the onions with some salt, pepper, and chopped rosemary/thyme/sage/combination of the above. fry the onions until tender, soft and sweet, perhaps til they take on a smoky caramel colour. (they smell absolutely divine.)

when the onions are soft and sweet, add enough beef stock to cover the onions and then some -make sure there's some extra liquid, too much is better than too little. i used Campbell's Beef Consomme, following instructions: one can of concentrated consomme, one can of water. bring to a brief boil, then simmer while you...

slice up some crusty bread into thick slices. then ladle out some soup into a bowl, float a slice of toast (or two) in it, cover with some grated cheese, whatever type you like, and microwave until the cheese melts. then drink up!

the soup was wonderful. the beefy flavour of the consomme with the sweetness of the caramelised onions was tasty enough to be satisfying -i had three bowls!- while not heavy enough to disturb me in this heat. between us we finished off the entire pot -which means i had most of an onion. but it's totally worth it!

we also wound up eating some steak after all, but we shared one thin-sliced ribeye, easily prepared: rub the steak with some dry marinade, let it sit while you do something else for a bit (while you frantically stir onions in a pot to stop them from burning, for example), then rub with a little olive oil and throw on a hot George Foreman grill for a minute or two. delicious and juicy, still slightly red in the middle - generally i like my meat more well done than alex does, but tonight for some reason i didn't mind the slight redness of the meat. perhaps i have become more carnivorous. =)

so it was a good meal. not heavy and filling enough that i am lying here twitching in the heat (ok, it's cooling down) but satisfying enough that i don't feel the urge to munch on junk food. now i'm going to make some chinese tea, drink some cold water, and finish reading that Damn Book. =) i swear, i cook to avoid this book. i've cooked up a storm this weekend. (sorry for blogging so much about it, evan!)


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