Monday, April 05, 2004


i know i haven't posted all weekend, which for me is highly unusual. and i can't imagine why i didn't update, though the fact that i've done a lot and been really tired probably has much to do with it. come to think of it i did accomplish rather a lot this weekend:

(1) finished reading Mill for Regulation of Vice.
(2) finished reading Machiavelli for Seminar on Realism.
(3) went out for dinner with weekeong, janice, yixin and alex to Cafe BaBaReeba, which served up awesome tapas and paella, as well as perfectly acceptable sangria. (perhaps we should have tried the mango sangria.) the octopus was -in my opinion anyway- slightly squishy, but that's always better than rubbery, and the garlic shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, beef tenderloin with cheeses and tortilla espanola were all awesome. not to mention the paella, which stuffed us all with lovely flavourful rice and insane amounts of shrimp, chicken, pork and beans. mmm...
(4) went to the gym on friday and did lots of cardio with H and Claire. i'm surprised that i didn't keel over after the workout on the elliptical, and also managed to lift a little for my miserable, puny arms. H worked my abs. poor me. -grin- alex and i then proceeded to go swimming on saturday, which was my first time inside Ratner, much less our new pool there. =) the pool is gorgeous! though i am slightly miffed that they are not opening the long course and are instead making me swim a 25yard course across the breadth of the pool. but no matter. it's still a great pool, nice and deep and clean and cool. i liked it. i missed swimming, so saturday was awesome. think i'm going to try and keep it up - the whole pilates/gym/swim routine. it's good for me, plus it'll be a break from interminable reading.
(5) finally managed to get hold of the Keohane reading for The EU, thanks to pstan's camping out at the Reg yesterday. also managed to finish reading the Wendt and the Ruggie, though still have to make it through the Keohane and the Mearsheimer. it can be done. AFTER i read this crap for East Asian Sec. ahhh!

so my life is mostly a spin-cycle of work craziness now. but i'm starting to like it. =) gotta run. lunch with pstan in a bit. ciao!


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