Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Vice Cream

taken off Jim Leitzel's Vice Squad is a link to this delightful article about vodka flavoured ice cream being produced in Australia. Read it, it's entertaining. What really caught my attention, however, other than this sentence:

"These products normalise alcohol and suggest to people that they ought to be thinking about alcohol just about every hour of the day" (you mean we shouldn't?)

is that Arnott's is making Tia Maria flavoured Tim Tams. those of us who have had Tia Maria OR Tim Tams, and of course both, would declare that this is a brilliant idea. to those people who think it's a bad idea because their underage children -who presumably are also disallowed the occasional tipple of wine at Christmas or Easter or New Year's- might gain access to alcohol, all i can say is just don't buy the damn things for your kids. besides, the amount of alcohol involved is miniscule to say the least (unless you totally do not understand the process of baking and the boiling point of alcohol). i really doubt your kids are going to (a) get drunk or (b) gain an overwhelming addiction to alcohol from eating Tia Maria-d Tim Tams. (an addiction to Tim Tams, on the other hand...but that's easy even without the alcohol)

-rolls eyes- i can see that Regulation of Vice will rapidly bring out the loud, angry libertarian portion of my soul that is usually kept wrapped in a straitjacket with large blinking warning signs over it.

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