Tuesday, April 20, 2004

yeah, what she said

avoiding writing the rest of the Regulation of Vice memo that's due tomorrow, while listening to Rent and anticipating the performance we are going to in two weekends' time. yay! the last time i saw Rent performed, it was a rather listless cast in front of a deadfish Singaporean audience that didn't know how to moo properly. =) quite a letdown from the electricity of the New York production we saw in 1999. (probably my last New York outing on that trip that didn't involve a raging fever and a throat so bad i could barely breathe)

we have a concert in just about a week - it's this sunday - and we just had our first rehearsal in the concert space today. the risers weren't up because the work order didn't get submitted, apparently. unfortunately, i'm short, and i stand behind the tallest girl -that's what it feels like- girl in the choir. -grin- i spent most of the time shuffling around behind her and craning my neck. but it was a fun rehearsal. the guy who's conducting us on Sunday -since Randi is going to be out of town- came to see us today, and got to watch Byron in rare form cracking us up while accompanying us. the concert lineup for sunday:

Brahms's Liebeslieder Waltzes (featuring the talented Byron and his sister)
Five Hebrew Love Songs
Sweeney Todd! (ahh Sondheim)
Feller From Fortune (a crazy canadian folk song)
Sarba Dance On A Chair

you should come just for the last one. it's great. the Liebeslieder will take some sitting through but it's worth it just for that last one. -grin-

all right, it's really time i started work on that memo for real. -sigh-


the memo is finished. my head hurts, it's cold again -it's a paltry 9C outside right now, and we are set to get some rain tonight/tomorrow-, and i still have shitloads of reading to do. but at the very least the damn memo is finished!


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