Friday, May 14, 2004

ahhh friday

update: i just popped over to Adrian's blog where he's posted something about my alma mater, Raffles Junior College. we're moving to a new campus soon, and the school has been getting alumna to visit and say goodbye to the old campus. of course, it happens that i'm too far away to do these sad goodbye things, which sucks, because i have a lot of good memories invested in that place, and i would like an opportunity to be there one more time and say bye and thank you with all my old friends from school around me. but adrian will have to do that for me. =) so i'll have to settle for looking at adr's pictures and reading what he has to say, and remember all the wonderful days when A01A hung out together in RJ and did -all kinds of crazy things. i miss you guys.

eun: get well soon. =( it's that time when the plague to hit everyone in sight, it seems. hope it isn't hurting your exams any. =(

ah...friday. it's back to being cold, because it's raining, but honestly my complaints about that are few, because the last few nights it has been still and hot and muggy and almost impossible to sleep in, even with my fan going. well perhaps partly because my fan is going - it reminds me of a medevac trying to land on the roof of the U of C hospital, or perhaps of a light attack chopper heading desperately toward a target, or a swarm of mozzies. pick one. it takes me a while to get acclimatised to the sound so that i can fall asleep like i normally do. or tylenol. but waking up from a tylenol-induced sleep in the morning is so much harder than a normal sleep.

anyway it's the end of the week and the weekend looms. lots of work to do and things to write and things to read, but oh well, only another few weeks. and it struck me as i was brushing my teeth this morning (only goes to show what a big problem this is for me) that i don't really have to worry quite so much about the cellie bill for this month because it'll be suspended for the next three months. so i can sort of pretend that i'm just errrrr...paying for the next three months anyway. i know. it's rationalising. but it makes me feel better, dammit, and i don't need to additional stress of worrying about every single text message or phone call on my cellie during non-weekend hours right now. -growl-

in other news, The Economist last week (ending May 8th) has a brilliant, biting article about Proton (the Malaysian car firm that produces absolutely crap cars) and Mahathir that is well worth a read. (brilliant in the sense of 'wonderful' as opposed to 'written by a genius') a quick search of the website turned up another article, written in May 1998, with exactly the same title! (i think i remember reading it.) and that's here, for comparison.

also, am still trying to formulate a BA proposal, although duncan's lack of a response to my email abt whether i can come see him on tuesday leads me to believe that he has either (a) forgotten that he agreed to be my BA advisor and hence doesn't know who i am; or (b) gone out of town again, which is eminently possible since he isn't teaching much this quarter. perhaps he is holed up in canada reading BAs. anyway, how does this sound:


What is the future of East Asian stability? Are we expecting more institutionalisation (ah, the alphabet soup of institutions) in the future, or perhaps the deepening of functions for the ones that already exist, or will the region remain largely uninstitutionalised, with existing ones taking on few functions mostly of the coordinating sort? (need another word for 'institutionalised' - it sounds like a mental asylum sort of thing)

leave a comment. =)


At 1:12 PM, May 15, 2004, Blogger Tym said...

The connotations of "institutionalisation" have always bugged me. Maybe that's why I dropped out of the Master's programme...

You're talking about East Asia, not Southeast Asia, right? Wah, expecting institutionalisation among the East Asian gang --- you're more optimistic than I was when I first phrased a question on Southeast Asian institutions!

(Errr ... I'm pretty sure this wasn't the kind of academic comments that you were looking for, so I'll be quiet now.)

At 11:01 PM, May 15, 2004, Blogger J. said...

oh, i think i'm gonna go with institutions in the region =) so East and Southeast Asia. so things like China being involved in the ARF will count -smirk-

At 11:47 PM, May 15, 2004, Blogger Eunice said...

Deepening of institutions unlikely - methinks ARF is trying to function flexibly and with focus, somewhat like GATT before it became the WTO. There isn't enough trust to take it along the path of the EU.

ARF geog footprint extends beyond East Asia. So is what you're talking about ASEAN + 3 (ie Japan, S Korea and China)?

Sorry, curt and confused because have juris paper in 3 days. Feminist legal theory rocks. Nasty nasty bug. Happy BAing. Hey that reminds me of Rollerram! Superram?

At 12:24 AM, May 16, 2004, Blogger J. said...

yeah that's probably gonna be what i'll conclude in the end - that we won't see war and tragedy but we shouldn't see deeper institutions either. flexibility seems to be the key here -so what does that tell us about theory, if anything?

rollerram! he still lives on my wall, above my armchair. but he's starting to fade. ying needs to draw me a new one.

good luck with exams!

At 12:31 AM, May 16, 2004, Blogger Eunice said...

that we're stuck at embedded liberalism v1.2! states are ace! nevermind the mncs! i don't know :) i'll think more about it before my ipe paper in 2 weeks.


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