Tuesday, May 25, 2004

American Imperialism?

it transpires that this week's reading for Mearsheimer's class is Niall Ferguson's Empire, because we are going to be talking about an American 'empire' - and that the readings for East Asian Sec are also all about empire. for those of you interested, the US's National Security Strategy can be found here (be warned - it's a pdf file, might take a while to download, and it has lots of pretty pictures of the seal and lots of ridiculous quotes from Bushie -they head the start of every section). other choice titles include 'An Empire, If You Can Keep It' and 'Imperial Temptations'. -amused- it's good though, it means that there's some measure of overlap in what we're discussing in both classes, which in turn makes my life easier and gives me more time to research my prostitution paper, which i'll have to write this weekend.

heading off for this week's PISP workshop in a couple of minutes: Stephen Walt speaks on 'Global Responses to US Primacy', and hopefully gives me some tidbits for my Mearsheimer paper on Why There Is No Balancing Coalition Against The United States in the post Cold War era. ahhhh realism.

probably have more posts regarding US Empire and Grand Strategy over the next few days as i do my reading and start planning the multitude of papers i'll have to write by the wednesday of finals week. but for now, here's a question to ponder:

there are four thousand undergraduates and well over ten thousand graduate students at the University of Chicago, the majority of whom (a) use the Reg and (b) have laptops. why are there so few (working) power points in the Reg?


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