Thursday, May 06, 2004

comments on haloscan are down - or at least, the ability to post comments is down - due to server updates, on the one afternoon i decide to scroll through comments and make remarks/replies. =) had a good one for the ol' man too, in response to his reply to my comment on his post linking my blog. that was a fun sentence to write. also, a remark on quite another post went onsaid. so perhaps i'll make it here:

in response to the post titled Dumbarse Letters and other delusions, all i have to say is the excerpt that you posted, old man, makes the grammar/english nazi in me cringe and want to break out the whip. ouch. that's a teacher? please, save my children from that kind of abuse of language.

lots of people have pointed out that we demand unreasonable things of our teachers. we want them to discipline and teach our kids, without beating them or even yelling at them - we want them to solve the problems that start at home while undermining their authority in school by going up against them every time our kids come home complaining that they got a low grade or got scolded for not doing their homework. it's ridiculous what we expect our teachers to do, while not giving them the respect their profession used to command, and not paying them nearly what they're worth in terms of the investment they make in our kids' futures. -shrugs-

a big bugbear of mine regarding the entire education system has always been the quality of the teachers, but come on. be honest here. look at the kind of treatment that they get from upstairs -the admin, MOE- and the parents, and the kind of insubordination and lack of respect they face in kids who are just plain uninterested in being educated and are all about getting through sch with straight As and no notion of what learning is all about. look at the other better, more respected, more well-paid jobs they could be doing. are we surprised that good teachers don't come into the system, or if they do, soon leave because it sucks to be in the system and the opportunity costs are so great?

we don't just need to overhaul the education system, let me tell you. we need to overhaul society, and its attitude towards the kids, and towards the institutions that shape the future of our nation. we need parents to back off and let schools and teachers do their jobs of education and socialising children; we need parents to stop undermining authority by backing up their children's ridiculous demands for restitution; we need parents to Do Their Job back home making sure that kids understand the meaning of authority, self-discipline, and obedience.

all right. end rant.

it's been a pretty crummy day - for some reason i haven't felt much like talking in either of my seminar classes, and although i'm pretty sure Sebastian knows i'm not completely stupid despite my not talking, i'm not sure Mearsheimer knows it. he called on me today during discussion of the one piece i hadn't even GLANCED at in the volume we were supposed to read for today, and i was just like 'well, let's see how fast i can read the first page and make something up!' - mumbled something about neoliberal institutionalism, and it turns out to be a constructivist argument. crapola. i'm convinced he thinks i'm stupid AND a slacker now.

oh well. the work never stops. =)


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