Monday, May 17, 2004

dinner at Hanyann's

just back from stuffing my face at Hanyann's place. she and claire cooked up a storm for Alex and i tonight: chicken with some yummy apricot-honey glaze, wild rice, and carrot-and-asparagus stirfry that frankly was the absolutely best part of the meal. well, perhaps after the dessert: fresh yummy gooey brownies, topped with fresh sweet strawberries and chocolate syrup. add to that a generous dose of good conversation and a glass or two of sweet white wine, and you get a great evening out. =) i had a great time.

but i definitely ate too much and my stomach is now -belatedly- informing me of its displeasure at my stuffing it.

it's been a good weekend, what with shopping and Chipotle and Troy yesterday, and a leisurely meander through 57th Street Books this morning, followed by finishing up my Ikenberry reading and then curling up in bed with my Illiad. eyeing Alex's copy of Don Kagan's The Peloponnesian War now, and sneakily contemplating ordering Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver and Confusion online for one great discounted price. though perhaps i shall wait for the paperback. or at least the third in the Baroque Cycle to come out, so i can get them all at once, and gorge myself on a surfeit of Stephenson. perhaps i shall succumb to temptation when i realise how godawful boring my summer job is going to be.

in the meantime, midnight is fast approaching and i have no immediate work to do. so i shall go curl up in bed with my Homer, or perhaps with Benny Morris's Righteous Victims, and read myself to sleeeee....zzzzzz...


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