Saturday, May 29, 2004


my parents called tonight, while i was at a party, just to say hi. i missed the call, of course, since the phone's ring was too puny to be heard above the massed noise of a bunch of semi-drunk Singaporeans and loud music. but i heard my dad's voicemail and went out into the hallway to call them back.

it transpired that mom wanted just to say hello. and my dad wanted to talk to me and make sure i'm not dead but pretended it was really my mother who wanted to talk to me on the voicemail. -grin- so we chatted about our new canada plans - instead of sticking around in vancouver we are flying to Calgary and then driving to Banff, wherever that is - briefly, and then after admonishing me to work, dad rang off.

no nagging about the party noise in the background, no demanding to know why i wasn't doing work on a friday night instead of going to a party. -grin- it was bizarre.

i think they finally realise i am growing up. -wink-


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