Sunday, May 30, 2004

it's the weekend of ninth week

i don't understand quite how it can be the weekend of ninth week, spring quarter my third year here at the U of C. but it is. and it is still dismally cold. (it is funny how Memorial Day, traditionally the first day of summer, is going to tons colder than Labour Day, traditionally the first day of fall.)

how did i spend my saturday, you ask? knowing full well, of course, that i have tons of work to do, some more immediately pressing than others, such as a twelve page paper on the regulation of prostitution due on tuesday, and a summary of various readings due to friends by midnight tomorrow. in less than twentyfour hours, in fact. and then another three papers to write, one of which is already making pstan have fits in the reg, and send me ranting emails that i would have replied to by visiting his cubicle had i been in the Reg. but i wasn't.

because i was downtown, watching Shrek 2 and shopping for graduation prezzies. Shrek, by the way, is a great movie for adults: it was hilarious, i laughed my head off. but there were plenty of kiddies in the audience who (a) had no idea what was going on; (b) were bored and had to have everything explained to them; or (c) screamed their head off through the entire experience. a piece of advice to those who have yet to see it: you should! but go at a timeslot where it is unlikely to be filled with screaming small children.

i woke up late this morning. ten am, to be precise. and then goofballed around making breakfast, checking my email, and watching some French Open tennis between S. Williams and someone, and V. Williams and Mary Pierce. briefly. then i got started on writing my paper, migrating between the living room and my room as fancy struck. around two pm, i got totally bored (i had written approximately four pages by then) and proclaimed that i would like to go get some munchies. (i write better with munchies, or so i claim) that rapidly evolved into 'going shopping' and then 'a movie' - so we headed downtown, did some shopping in various places, watched Shrek at the AMC River East, and then trekked to Bennigan's for dinner.

where we proceeded to have Terrible Service -we waited twenty minutes for the damn check, for goodness' sakes- and barely mediocre food. catch me going back to that Bennigan's anytime soon. i was seriously annoyed.

and now we are home, and i am working yet again on the prostitution paper, and it is now more than halfway done. it is terrible, but frankly, i am finding it hard to care...i'm just terrified that he will fail me. ARGH.


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