Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day

seeing as it's past one am, it's already Memorial Day here in chi-town. i'm not quite sure what Memorial Day is for (my fond memories of the past two Memorial Days involve first a full-day Xfiles marathon my first year, and then a couple of hours lounging in the sun my second year, followed by meeting Ruimin for real for the first time sitting on the floor of Yihui's room in Chamberlain) other than being our one official school holiday in Spring Quarter, very gratefully timed for the Monday of Tenth Week.

as it turns out, i only have another two days of classes, and honestly, only one more serious class for the year: Mearsheimer's Seminar on wednesday. (sebastian has retreated to England so no EU seminar; East Asian Sec is over save the paper; and after turning in Leitzel's twelve page monster paper on prostitution and its regulation on tuesday, all i'll be fit for is studying for the quiz on thursday and then being finally done with Regulation of Vice forever!) so it's kind of odd to be at the end of Spring Quarter my third year already. but i'm looking forward to summer vacation and alaska with the parents and a week with H in Singapore before work starts. and seeing everyone at DPPS again.

speaking of seeing everyone, though i probably won't be seeing him anytime soon: Thanks for the email, Ry. =) it was really great of you. hang in there too!

so, i'm feeling kind of accomplished right now: i've only just got the conclusion of my Vice paper to write; i've turned out my summary of various articles for group study for the Vice Quiz as promised; and on top of that i managed to get some graduation prezzies out of the way -and- watch Shrek 2 this weekend. been tree-d for a lot of it here in the apartment, because we've been having some more of that tornado-thunderstorm weather, but managed to get out enough not to be stir-crazy. and to buy lots of books at 57th Street Books (because they're on 20% members' sale this weekend). and, this afternoon, i figured out how to get the wireless network to work on my iBook. (i was setting the password to the wrong level of encryption, because i am a computer-dork) so i am a happy camper. i also spent a great deal of time tonight kicking a Looking Forward Giving Back stress ball like it's a football with alex in my apartment (we're both crazy, clearly) learning how to take free kicks and not giggling too hard when it came my turn to be goalie. i make a TERRIBLE goalie.

but it's time for me to read some of the good stuff i picked up today (Rainer Maria Rilke's Letters To A Young Poet; Jane Austen's Emma which Leitzel's enthusiastic review of a week or two ago prompted me to pick up to reread; and Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, which i couldn't resist since it was on sale.) and then go to bed. ahhh, Memorial Day Weekend. how i love you. =)

p/s. i forgot! i spent two hours i'll never get back again watching Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd in The Object of My Affection, and wondering why on earth Paul Stephen Rudd looked so familiar. then i came back to my room, and googled his name. (a) he was in Romeo and Juliet. (b) he was Josh in Clueless -ie only my favourite guy-actor in the entire world immediately after i finished the movie, and part of the whole reason i fell in love with that movie in the first place; and (c) he's Mike on Friends. like -he's only Phoebe's husband, no big deal. -grins sardonically at self- i clearly have a bad memory for faces. Paul Rudd, on the other hand, seems to be rather typecast as the sweet geeky boy that no one can resist, even when he's a gay man.

but now i reallyreallyreally want to watch Clueless again. who cares about Alicia Silverstone and whatever her crazy character was called? the only redeeming moment in her character's life is realising she's fallen in love with Josh. it's all about Josh. he may well have been the first movie male i fell in love wait, i think i saw Neverending Story before i saw Clueless. anyway i'll stop rambling now and


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