Monday, May 03, 2004


since i really should be doing work (that is such a common preface i should just cut and paste it in all my blog entries), this is gonna be really long and rambly to avoid doing it. (also, the Rent soundtrack is playing on the iPod, hooked up to the speakers, providing inspiration for this post.)

so, we went to Rent at the Shubert last night. it was a blast -- i've forgotten how high-energy a good production of Rent can be. =) and certainly, it was a high energy performance. the Roger (Constantine Maroulis) was sort of disappointing, in that he overacted when he wasn't alone, and when he had soliloquys was annoyingly whiny rather than angsty (as a good Roger should be). he came off sounding more like a lost seventeenyearold than someone whose girlfriend 'left a note saying 'we've got AIDS' before slitting her wrists in the bathroom', than someone who is 'living with/living with/not dying from/disease'. it didn't help that his tenor was kind of 'pitchy' -to quote Randy on American Idol- and tended to wind up in his nose with the kind of tone that gives tenors a bad name.

but ahhhhh, the Mark, the Mark. i am in love with the Marks of the world - the geeky, eyeglass-wearing psuedonerd with a striped scarf and raggedly plaid jacket and a smart mouth. our Mark last night was Brian Gligor, and within seconds of his opening his mouth on stage i was riveted. i've always had a soft spot for the Marks of Rent, but Brian was absolutely wonderful. he's got a lovely lovely strong tenor voice, not whiny, very expressive, very powerful, and lots of energy. didn't overact, loved to bounce on and off the table, and had a smile that lit up the stage. lots of sympathy for the character and for the other characters onstage. it was great. those were my favourite moments of the entire show: The Tango Maureen with Rebecca Jones, the Joanne (who i didn't think was ironic enough. i think that was a weakness of this production - that the actors didn't have as finely honed a sense of the ridiculous that i'm accustomed to hearing on the original case recording); La Vie Boheme -they were great moments.

and the sound direction wasn't the best in the world -- the cast was great at diction but there were definitely moments in the ensemble cast singing where it was just totally incomprehensible. and in Act Two the sound director went psycho and boosted the band up so loud that i couldn't hear half of Happy New Year/Voice Mail #3. but watching Rent in an American audience, with bunches of people down in the Orchestra seats who had obviously seen it before, and knew when to clap, and moo, on cue, was great. they were incredibly loud -though janice and alex and i made our fair share of noise up in the nosebleed seats- and enthusiastic. that was great.

all right, time for work. finally. argh. =)


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