Wednesday, May 12, 2004


yeah, so i have the plague, albeit not in its full-blown craziness like last quarter, with the bodyaches and the chills. instead i have a rather insipid little bad throat, which occasionally flares up enough to trigger a full-blown headache rather than the dull-back of the mind-throb it's been all day.

speaking of all day: i made it through East Asian Security this morning, before i threw in the towel and cut Vice (though i did stop by to drop off the book review and hug janice). then i came home to sleep, after making a detour through Pick to get the BA proposal form from Mimi, and officially join the ranks of the craz...i mean clever people who are polsci majors at the U of C. i'm now on The List. next step: actually write and have duncan sign my BA proposal.

slept the whole merry afternoon through. i wanted a quick nap, but what transpired was full out deep sleep...i woke several times to check the time, but getting up -even to get some water- seemed too hard, so i just rolled over and went back to sleep. at some point, i managed to get up, and drag myself to the kitchen to make dinner. i love having a working oven again. i just dredged some leftover chicken breast through some breadcrumbs and salt and pepper, then baked it in the oven over some chopped up onion carrot and garlic (which i roasted while preparing the chicken for baking). while that was baking, i warmed up leftover pasta (yeah, it's a leftovers theme tonight) with some bottled sauce, and then threw everything together for a nice meal. (it turns out that if you roast whole garlic cloves, then spread them with butter while still warm over freshly toasted bread, it makes a great alternative to garlic bread involving chopped garlic -ok i'm lazy)

i've just spent three hours reading a few chapters of Marc Trachtenberg's A Constructed Peace, but i am finally done with that -and- with McAllister's No Exit. whew.

kevin's dropping by for a visit in a little bit, then it'll be bedtime for me...long day tomorrow.


At 5:32 AM, May 13, 2004, Blogger Eunice said...

hello, i am sick too. i think ur blug is contagious. :) hey, do u know if blin is still teaching in rgs?

At 5:43 AM, May 13, 2004, Blogger J. said...

i do in fact know, and the answer is no. he's now at the RELC, i think. though i could be on crack and thinking of another institution entirely. i have his email somewhere, if you need to get in touch with him. (or at least, i have ming'en's email somewhere. and i have his singapore cellie number. somewhere. -grin-)


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