Saturday, May 15, 2004

the world is a very strange place

Yahoo! Rumsfeld's 'Poetic' Voice Set to Music

if that don't beat all.

alex is off test driving Weekeong's Ford Taurus, and there are hints that the two boys might just drive themselves to Chinatown and get some food. end result: Char Siew Noodles for Jnet. -pleased- of course, this might not happen, and then all i will have to eat until dinner at Chipotle will be -sigh- yoghurt with granola, and possibly something involving eggs. or leftover chicken soup from last night.

speaking of last night, i popped out to Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap, our friendly neighbourhood bar, last night at elevenish (for Mari's birthday drink) and it was insanely crowded. pstan and i beat Mari there (by a good half hour, i would think) and we seriously couldn't find anywhere to sit when we arrived - couldn't even be barflies because -well the bars were FILLED. we wound up at a counter at the window standing til paul managed to steal a couple of barstools. but it was funtimes. i hadn't been to Jimmy's all quarter -and a good chunk of last quarter come to think of it- so it was fun to be back, and seeing mariangela again -HAPPY BIRTHDAY!- and cheap drinks. oh i'd forgotten how cheap alcohol is at Jimmy's. how -will- i survive in Singapore, land of extremely expensive alcohol: shots, mixed drinks, name it, you pay through the nose for it. -growly-

anyways. alex and i are going to watch Troy tonight, after a swim at Ratner and dinner at Chipotle (because we both miss the burritos! wonderful fragrant rice, yummy juicy tasty meat, and No Beans on mine) so look out for a possible review later today. (probably not, since i might be too bushed to write it.)

update: running around online i found this site, which is a Stanford database on the fragments of a map of ancient rome. sounds like a really cool project. go take a look, poke around...


At 3:35 PM, May 16, 2004, Blogger Ondine said...

Ford Taurus... that's what we're driving while we're in the Pacific Northwest. Well, the guys are driving it, I'm not even going to try. :)

At 2:12 AM, May 17, 2004, Blogger J. said...

-grin- i like riding shotgun -as opposed to driving- myself =) all the benefits of being in the front with none of the responsibilities (esp since all the guys i've ever driven with are aware of my total inability to navigate anywhere at any time)...


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