Thursday, May 20, 2004

you know it's been a bad week when...'s wednesday night and you barely remember what's happened since sunday.

a quick review:

monday was partially a disaster. after my usual cheerful lunch with pstan, Motet rehearsal, in which we had at least two Motet-ers leave the room after a spat with Randi, during rehearsal time. i also realised that we're having three concerts this quarter, one of which is out of town this weekend. i'm not happy with that, esp in the light of the thirty-some pages of final paper yet to be written for various classes -and- a Motet concert (we are singing for something like five bloody minutes worth of music for the ORCHESTRA CONCERT, for christ's sake) on the weekend of reading period. have mercy.

then i came home, reluctant to do work, and spend One Whole Hour trying to print off my readings for tuesday's East Asian Sec class - now that my computer is unable to multitask efficiently, particularly when it comes to pdf files, printing off readings has become an unmitigated nightmare. because then ALL the computer can focus on is painfully slow printing, while i sit here, twiddle my thumbs, and swear.

pissed off, i then head to the store to pick up ingredients for a cobbler -i cook/bake when i'm angry/avoiding work- and some creepy slimy older guy decides to hit on me in the bloody ZIPLOC aisle of the Hyde Park Co-Op. of all places. (This goes to shiyao's argument abt women and flirting, for those who've read it; i certainly didn't appreciate the fact that he hit on me merely because i have the requisite anatomy and on the off chance that for some bizarre reason i might have an out-of-body episode and give him my phone number or something.) so that pushed my mood even more downhill.

but then i came home, baked up my cobbler and cooked my dinner and two more meals beside (i told you i was pissed off) and then ran off downtown to Hot House with the swing dancers. it turned out we were too early, so we walked to Chipotle and i shared a lovely yummy pork burrito (without beans!) with Isaac...then we walked back and danced to Yoko. it was great fun, but exhausting too. =) no work done THAT night!

tuesday: the -what's the opposite of highlight, someone?- of my day: driving just over an hour to Wheaton, IL, to rehearse Mahler for the Dupage Symphony's concert this weekend. not relishing having to do a repeat performance on saturday. the actual ride over was fun -we were in Anne's car, it was a sopranomobile in addition to being the minnesotamobile (that's where Anne's from)- but i cannot believe we had a two hour rehearsal for five minutes of music -and- that we have to sit through four movements of Mahler before we get to sing. it was great to sing with some real basses (older basses) who can reach the low notes...but on balance i'd forgo that for not having to go to Wheaton this weekend. what was i THINKING?

today: has been the best day so far. funtimes during Sebastian's class this morning - he announced that he and his wife are pregnant, brought pictures of the baby (ultrasound!) to show us and behaved like a happy father-to-be - and we got to tackle, again, my old friend Trachtenberg. then Mearsheimer's class involved a spirited defence of Ikenberry's After Victory, which was also fun (and required a mid-session refuelling with grapes and orange slices. mmmm. good snack food.).

i've just spent the last few hours cooking, eating, watching the season finale of this season of West Wing (DONNA!!!!!), and writing a policy memo regarding the regulation of raves in chicago. now i have to go do the reading i was supposed to do on tuesday night...


At 9:49 PM, May 20, 2004, Blogger SM said...

Indeed, why were you rehearsing 2 hours for 5 min of music?

=p i've read shiyao's argument abt women and flirting. never mind his views on that, he's a male. attached, but still a little blur, even after being whapped by jol and half the rest of the female world. oh well. can't do anything there.

read. hug alex. whatever.

love, sm

At 10:10 PM, May 20, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why indeed? it's one of the great mysteries of life. grr. oh well. the things we do for the sake of singing.

at least my workweek is mostly over! =)

At 9:04 AM, May 21, 2004, Blogger Packrat said...



At 10:21 AM, May 21, 2004, Blogger J. said...

trust me, it's not a spoiler. =)

i spend my time randomly yelling DONNA!! after West Wing episodes. she's my favourite character.

and besides all that, it really isn't a spoiler. if i told you why, THAT would be a spoiler. -grin-


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