Wednesday, June 09, 2004

and done!

i've just emailed my final papers to both Sebastian and Dong Sun approximately twelve hours before i absolutely had to, and am in the process of final edit for Mearsheimer's paper.

it's finally starting to sink in that my third year here at the U of C is over. =)

H and i were talking the other evening about how this year has felt so much longer than the last two have (at least for me, the last two). we can barely remember what we were doing in fall quarter -what classes we took, and that sort of thing- for that matter we could barely remember winter quarter. even spring break feels too far away. this year has been incredibly long. the last two years, time has zoomed past without braking for stop signs, and the end of spring quarter has always rolled around behind me and smacked me on the head before i realised it. but it seems, this year, that the end would never come.

in some ways, it's been good. it's felt like more time with H and P and other UofC friends who are leaving. and it's been a good year of hanging out in apartments instead of each other's dorm rooms, and eating food that i cooked or had someone cook for me, instead of greasy dining hall crap. but at the same time, i feel like part of the reason the last two years have been so quick to pass has been the very fact that we spent so much time hanging out in each other's dorm rooms, or over bad dining hall food. the multiple mugs of bad coffee in the morning over homework that really should have been done earlier or reading for class later in the same time; calling each other to make sure we were all awake for exams; rushing through meals to make it back to the lounge for a rerun episode of The Simpsons -- those moments make time spin by faster, i swear they do. and there were precious few of them this year.

oh well. now that i am done with finals, i have three more days to hang out and shop and pack up my room and get ready to leave for the summer...and get used to the idea of a whole 'nother year here in this place. it'll be a very different year.


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