Saturday, June 05, 2004

Bucky should go to the U of C?

not much out of me over for a bit, since am frantically struggling with papers and concerts. Sebastian's paper is making me want to break my head open on a wall. what is integration??? bah. =)

but i did manage to finish a bit of my graduation prezzie shopping yesterday, after an absolutely superb lunch at Fogo de Chao. i doubt i've ever eaten that much meat in one sitting in my life before yesterday. but it was all excellent meat, and the salad bar was wonderful -lots of fresh veggies, potato and apple salads, proscuitto, and tons of other goodies. and there was a side of fried bananas with the meats! it was just like pisang goreng, only without the batter...the bananas were beautifully sweet, slightly caramelised and gooey without falling completely apart on my fork. i think i ate like three of 'em just munching...and the best part is every time a fresh batch came out of the kitchens, they replaced the ones on the table with fresh warm extragooeysweet bananas. it almost makes up for my pisang goreng deprivation of the last six months.

the concert last night went reasonably well for the orchestra, though perhaps not so well for us -grin- we're flat. the last note was so painful because it was patently obvious that whatever note the choir was singing, it sure wasn't the same note the flutes were playing! but oh well. one more round this afternoon and then we're done. at least until Convos next week. i really enjoyed the Tchaikovsky offering from the strings, and i'm looking forward to hearing Stravinsky's Firebird after our piece this afternoon (i snuck out last night, figuring i didn't need to hear it twice...)

soprani brunch in a while, followed by Rachel's party at the Point. it looks like it is going to be a good day to be outside!

and i shall leave you with this - sometimes, it looks like Bucky would fit right in at the U of C:


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