Saturday, June 12, 2004


may the weather tomorrow be as wonderful as it was for this afternoon's convocation. =) it'll be a long long convocation -imagine eight hundred names being read out, and how many hands Don Randel will have to shake tomorrow, and how long the pipe band will have to play to make sure everyone gets music as they walk to their seats. i only hope i manage to catch a glimpse of my friends as they go on stage -and listen out for the special motet cheer when one of our graduating Moteters gets on stage!- and then have enough time to chat with them afterward.

so. all my bags are packed/i'm ready to go and all my stuff is put away neatly where it belongs (which doesn't happen often during the school year, i can tell you). i've called my cab, which will pick me up at 2pm tomorrow and whisk me off to O'Hare where i will go to meet my parents in Vancouver.

to my people who are graduating tomorrow -you know who you are: congratulations on making it, and may the future for all of you be very bright indeed. y'all deserve the best. =) try to stay in touch -ah, i've reached the point where i don't ask for too much- and let me know what's up with you in the future, and come and visit -i have a perfectly comfortable futon in the living room to house any guests who might need a place to crash. and if i can find the time, and the money, perhaps i will come and visit you. until then, take care of yourselves, and be good =) and good luck.


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