Tuesday, June 22, 2004

for those who are complaining...

...about the silence, here's a quick update just for you:

i've just spent seven days on a 90,000 ton cruise ship sailing around in Alaska, having my every whim catered to, my stateroom cleaned and my bed turned down, being fed wonderful food in a full-service restaurant with wait staff better trained than the wait staff at most fine hotels (and a kitchen run by -of all people- a German and a Frenchman; it's a wonder we ate at all), and indoor and outdoor heated pools and jacuzzis.

now i'm in the middle of the Rockies, watching mountains crumble very slowly and inspecting yet more glaciers and icefields, and taking bazillions of very similar photos to show everyone when we get home. (if i'd taken all of them in the same place with varying poses they would look the same as the real ones) we're driving around in a WHITE Ford Explorer that is ridiculously huge and kind of makes me feel like i am riding around inside a polar bear. i've really only ever seen black Ford Explorers before. and the bass in the car nearly gave me a heart attack.

anyways, will be back in Singapore/civilisation soon, so more updates with photos in the near future, we hope. and H will be visiting, so more pictures of the two of us prancing around Singapore Seeing The Sights to come. details later, when i am in my twelve hour layover at the Vancouver International Airport with free wireless internet access.


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