Sunday, June 06, 2004

Randi's Last Concert at the U of C

the concert went better this afternoon than it did last night - the chorus was more in tune and the orchestra did a bang-up job on their pieces. i stayed for the Suite from Stravinsky's Firebird this time, and was suitably impressed. though my favourite piece remains the Tchaikovsky (i have the first movement playing now on my computer) mainly for the first movement. the strings were much tighter this time around - i was sad to see the end of the piece. though that meant intermission and our turn, so...

i was fascinated by the first violinist of the USO this afternoon for some reason. i just thought he was really cool -grin- and expressive and his bowing technique was really quite good. and the role of the first violinist is also kind of cool. i found myself wondering how he gets picked and whether he enjoys the popular vote in the orchestra and how he knows what to do (presumably by watching lots of other first violinists) re: getting the orchestra in tune. (that always baffled me though. why wouldn't you already be in tune? if you weren't in tune in the rehearsal before, wouldn't someone have already smacked you upside the head?)

sometimes i wish i played in an orchestra - it's so different and yet so similar to being in a choir, isn't it?

the reception post-concert was also fun. the food was really good, catered by the sch because randi's leaving us (today was his last concert) to go to University of Oklahoma City, and there was plenty of it. and the Motet had a bunch of prezzies for Randi: a signed pink flamingo lawn ornament (the pink flamingo award is given out every year to the most goofy member of the choir); a scrapbook Leann put together with pages from us and pictures and other pretty stuff; and a special edition of the U of C Alma Mater just for Randi. that was awesome. i don't think i've ever heard us do the Alma Mater quite so well, with so much blend and 'lots of words' as Will White entreated us (i heard Randi and other peeps exploding with laughter at a couple of points, which meant they could HEAR what we were singing), and a great moment for the tenors at the end. it was tons of fun.

then i came home and wrote five pages of my eight page Sebastian paper. so i'm in good shape. but it's now almost one am, and definitely past my some point in the next few days i'll post a couple of the pictures i took at Rachel's graduation picnic at the Point this afternoon. but til then, it's beddybyes for me!


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