Friday, July 02, 2004

another quick update update for a week...but it's been a busy week! look at what we've been up to:

showing hanyann singapore, by which i mean picking her up from the airport and almost immediately charging around downtown to eat and shop like typical singaporeans, followed by her first taste of Chilli Crab at Long Beach. (though i was jetlagged and she was tired, so it was a rather lackluster dinner) the next day, we crawled painfully up to go to Jurong Bird Park -i hadn't been in years, and barely knew how to get there. thank god for the Internet, and for efficient public transport. we zoomed around the park looking at caged birds and also walking through the various aviaries -where the tallest manmade waterfall in the world is, for example, or the aviary filled with hummingbirds, beeeaters and sunbirds as well as tanagers. my favourite aviary was, however, the new Lory Loft. the lorries are such impertinent birds. you can buy some nectar in a cup, and the moment you leave the stand, a flock of them descend on you, landing on your arm, your shoulders, zooming past your ear, standing on nearby rails, chattering at you and fighting with each other for some of the treat you are carrying. i have some great pictures of H covered in birds. -grin- i also got bitten by one of the lorries who thought that perhaps my arm was made of nectar. they're such pretty birds, but crazy. (my brother says 'they're australian birds, what do you expect?')

we also wandered down to Bugis Junction/Village, where we ate a simply humongous ice kachang (we couldn't finish it and there were two of us) and walking around the little market thing where people bargain about the price of sundresses (me not very competently), before going to meet my friends for dinner. xiaolongbao and good company are always appreciated!

the next day involved going shopping for tons of staplers and staples for various american friends, as well as a suitcase to replace H's broken one. and showing her the Durian aka the Esplanade, and the Singapore River and Merlion. then the Night Safari, where we got to see lions and tigers, as well as sloths and otters and chevals (they walk like drunk ballerinas, it's so funny). we were so tired though...i tried valiantly to stay awake, but kept dozing off during the tram ride, and then once we got home. H says she was talking to me and i had just completely passed out -grin-

then yesterday after she left i got to hang out with my old friend rae, back from london (hopefully not for good, eh?) -we had conveyer-belt sushi and a Big O at NYDC, just like old times. it seems that every time i come home and see her we have the same thing.

now i'm about to get ready to head out and see alex, who's just come back from three weeks in Europe! yay. :) so. more from me later, perhaps. ciao!


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