Monday, July 19, 2004


it's a disaster, i tell you: i cannot find my books in my room, and they are slowly piling up everywhere and taking up space and chasing me out of my room. perhaps today and tomorrow i should go home early and start culling books out of my library - i am certain to have outgrown a chunk of them by now. and then perhaps i will be able to find the A. S Byatt i am now willing to try reading - where is my Possession? this is really annoying.

but first i have to find a giant box to fill with discarded books, so my maid can call the thrift shop and have them come and take them away. or perhaps i should take them to a secondhand bookstore and sell them to make myself some pocket change...i mean money, but i can't help feeling the thrift store (run by the Officers' Wives Club i do believe) is a more worthy cause. plus it wouldn't involve my carrying books anywhere. although dad is home and could drive me. hmm. i shall ask him what he thinks.

my mother asked me: what do you want to do when we remodel your room next year? and before anything else popped to mind i said i want more shelves for books. we are considering turning the piano room into a library for real. does anyone want a second-hand piano, well-loved, a semitone flat across the keyboard but in perfect relative pitch for cheap? much as i would hate to see it go - it is the best piano i have ever played on, even considering the grands and baby grands i have had the chance to tinker on. but i play so little these days, and my books are so many...


At 4:30 PM, July 21, 2004, Blogger Tym said...

Ah! Piano! How much are you talking when you say 'cheap'?


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