Sunday, July 04, 2004

first day of work

so tomorrow i start work at the Ministry of Trade and Industry for my summer attachment. eight weeks, plus one week of DPPS (the mid-course seminar for PSC scholars that most of us missed last summer due to the SARS problem), which means really nine weeks of wearing business attire. -groan- i hate wearing business clothes. they are so constricting.

beyond that, however, i am quite looking forward to my new job. i've still no idea what i'll be doing, or who my boss will be, or who my colleagues will be, etcetcetc, but i do think it will be quite a good experience. the office itself is in a great location, in terms of convenience to get to other places as well as proximity to alex's office (we are literally a block apart; it's the same train station), and from what i've seen of the inside of the building (from various visits two summers ago when i was just bumming around) it looks like a comfy place to work.

so wish me luck, and watch this space for more updates re: The Summer Job!


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