Tuesday, July 06, 2004

i am a brat --

-- the computer in my (temporary) workspace is an old IBM machine with a good ol'fashioned CRT screen. bulky, and worse, it flickers like an old movie projector. i'm so used to my nice flat laptop screens, or the lovely flatscreens (computer and television) i'm surrounded by at home/in school. bah. gotta get a filter for this computer before my eyes explode. (though they didn't last summer, come to think of it. and i had the same problem at the office then. perhaps i was more distracted by Jay throwing paperclips over the cubicle wall when he got bored.) in the meantime i have turned both brightness and contrast way down, and will attempt to spend little time staring at it. (yeah, right, like that's going to happen)

re: my comment yesterday on whether i could sustain a political blog focused on Singapore, and on blogs in general - it's been a recurring question really for me. after all, approximately five people total read this blog anyway, so my actual final answer doesn't matter very much now does it? -grin- i've wanted to make this blog something more than a daily/weekly/monthly/occasional rant space about what i am doing (and the post-count goes up exponentially when i am not occupied rushing around doing stuff) but somehow that's not something i am willing to expend the time and energy upkeeping. far easier to just ramble on about my day for a little while, and then stop.

perhaps that's all this blog needs to be, however. after all, the people who read this blog already (mostly) know what i think about things, and how i speak and who i am. but they're interested in what i've been up to, and what outrageous things i have seen (like the MRT train being so full this morning the doors wouldn't close - and this was at eight am, for heavens' sake - are people so eager to be at work at 8.30? oh for chicago summer hours) and who i have had bizarre conversations with. and i need to use this blog as an excuse to marshall my thoughts on topics like human rights and political accountability and the perennial favourite: how to reconstruct the education system so it still works, only better. :) all old soapboxes, here.

and sometimes, when the blog becomes a two-way conversation via comment boxes, i'm reminded that it's a means of communication after all. so i write it as if i were talking to you, some imagined unknown reader (only i know who you are, oh bored persons!), as if i were trying to convince you of something or telling you about my day or venting my anger before i explode. sometimes all three. i think that's good enough for me. terribly self-indulgent, but there you have it -- i am a brat, after all. -grin-

oh, and don't be fooled by the times on the posting. they are all still set on chicago-time. it's really 1355 and i've just returned from lunch. of course i'm not at work in the middle of the night. i'm a (temporary) civil servant!

and now it's time to get back to work. =)


At 9:46 PM, July 26, 2004, Blogger The Legal Janitor said...


Your blog is a pleasant discovery. I had similar suspicions as you did, that political blogs about Singapore would not have much room to flourish. After all, it's not as though there are that many things to write about.

I have tried to start a political blog myself, but laziness quickly took over. Lol. Posting requires discipline, which ironically makes a blog less attractive to keep. After all, it usually begins as something which is fun and distracts from real work. And besides, with the upcoming US presidential election, it's more enjoyable writing about American issues.

I notice you linked to Dan Drezner and Glenn Reynolds. There are other worthy reads too. I recommend Andrew Sullivan, Eugene Volokh, OxBlog and Lawrence Lessig.

One more thing. I use RSS feed readers, so I was wondering if its possible for you to enable full site feed publishing on your blog settings? Thank you very much.

I'll be reading your blog. =)


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