Monday, July 05, 2004

memories and revelations

i've just had to look up my CV to see how many S papers i took in JC.

two things: i didn't know my director had my CV until he called me into the office for a chat, and surprised me by waving it at me -and then giving it to me at the end; and the As and the Os seem so far away i can barely remember what i took, forget what grades i received. how quickly a huge and once-so-important chunk of your life can recede in the rear-view mirror, until -you round the bend, and your CV, loaded with unwanted Bs, and 'passes' and 'merits' rather than As and 'distinctions', slams you in the face.

ah, work experience.


idle speculation: do political blogs focused on Singapore written by Singaporeans exist? i never thought about it before - too absorbed in american political/art/social life - wondering now if i could sustain such a blog; if i could care that much all the time.

i suspect the answer is no.


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