Wednesday, July 14, 2004

morning roundup of the news

Beijing Under Siege - Monsoon Rains Are Finally Here
oddly enough, just two days ago i was reading news reports about the unbearable heat in Shanghai and Beijing, and the possibility of power failures. today i boot up the computer and read that Beijing is under several feet of water, and Shanghai has indeed experienced power failure, but from a storm, not from overuse of airconditioners or something. looks like monsoons are here for real.

SOUTH ASIA: Landslides triggered by heavy rains buried at least 12 people while six people drowned in surging river waters as floods ravaged low-lying parts of South Asia yesterday. More than seven million people are marooned or left homeless across eastern India, Nepal and Bangladesh after monsoon floods inundate large tracts of land.

SOUTH KOREA: Houses were destroyed and roads were closed yesterday as torrential rain hit the country for the third day in a row. However, no casualties were reported. The heavy rains were expected to stop late yesterday.

JAPAN: Heavy rains and flooding in the north-west killed one man and prompted an order to evacuate 12,000 homes. Electricity was cut off for about 1,000 homes. -- AP, Reuters,Korea Herald/Asia News Network "

Also, A Novel Offering For Mobile Phone Users: an entire novel written in 70-character chapters, sent directly to your mobile phone. (this is in chinese, so 70 characters can indeed say quite a lot) whatever will people think of next?

last item for the day: How China Views DPM's Visit To Taiwan.

someone needs to give the Chinese leadership a swift kick in the seat of the pants, i should say. who says that just because someone has been in the 'upper echelons of the Singapore Government' for the last umptyumph years he cannot have a private life with private friends, eh? geez guys. get a life. not everything is about you.


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