Friday, July 16, 2004

music notes

i will finally have time at home this evening to load up the iPod with some more music treasures, such as a recording of Stravinsky's Firebird in its entirety (rather than the excerpts) which i got for a rather reasonable ten bucks at Gramophone the other day, and songs from my childhood, which i rather think will tend to include Abba and the Carpenters and perhaps not a little Beatles. if i can find them, since my dad has ransacked the house and squirrelled away all the good stuff in his attempt to explode his new mp3 player -a Creative Nomad that is ridiculously hard to use- by attempting to load our entire cd collection into it.

[my mother, on the other hand, is plotting in the background for me to get dad an iPod mini back in the states (where it's cheaper) so she can steal the nomad.]

also, i called cece last night and it transpires that she already had tickets to the very concert -and the same priced tickets, to boot!- that i was going to ask her to come with me to. more people should come. 3rd September, the Esplanade, a night of Tchaikovsky with the SSO and some kid named Gil. -grin-


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