Thursday, July 22, 2004

soldier field

for the chicagoans: over at Dan Drezner's blog he's pointed out that the National Park Service recommended that the government withdraw National Historical Landmark status from Soldier Field, based on the fact that lots of the 'historical' building doesn't exist anymore. good on them, i say -going past Solider Field in any kind of moving vehicle along Lake Shore is always torture. it's terribly like a flying saucer from Independence Day exploded inside the stadium, only there's no hope that Will Smith is going to come along and save the day.

so good on you, National Park Service. retribution at last for the horror they've inflicted on the population of Chicagoans who are forced to drive past Soldier Field every day on the way to work.

i'll leave you with a choice quote:

The result? From the outside, it's a butt-ugly effect. Soldier Field now looks like an alien spaceship humping the Parthenon. Blair Kamin, The Tribune's excellent architecture critic, described it as "an architectural close encounter of the worst kind."


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