Wednesday, August 18, 2004

america pulling troops out of South Korea and Germany

as announced yesterday, Bushie is pulling 70,000 troops out of S. Korea and Germany, to be redeployed more effectively somewhere else. where else, i ask you, but in Iraq. that aside, let's ask the question:

what impact will this have on the security situation in East Asia and in Europe? discuss.

me, i'm jittery. both because clearly Bushie is running out of troops to stay on top of the Middle East, and also because i'm not sure what the US is signalling re: commitment in East Asia. and this is not a good time to be confused, with China on the warpath and an increasingly more aggressive Taiwan. if the big showdown is coming, i want someone bigger than either of them on the block to make sure they keep their squabble quiet and clean.

clearly, i'm not as concerned about Europe. but i don't live there. =)

edit: another thought on the US's more high-tech, mobile approach to military systems. like Mearsheimer pointed out repeatedly during our Seminar on Realism days, the RMA can only do so much. if your intent is to go in, punch the daylights out of someone, and get out asap, the RMA that allowed strategic air attacks and long-distance shelling is awesome. if you are going to have to hold conquered territory, or do some nation building afterward, then it's a different kettle of fish altogether, isn't it?

part of this redeployment is supposed to be part of the whole sea change in the approach to military affairs -troops are being recalled so that they can be reorganised into smaller yet more effective units. the problem is, a 'more effective unit' does depend on what use you wish to put it to.


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