Thursday, August 05, 2004

getting old

i swear i am getting old.

last night was more fun than i expected. Absolute US, which is sort of like a party organised by the Singaporeans from the U of C, was held at Zouk (again) last night, and feeling a sense of obligation (read: janice insisted i buy a ticket from her, and go with her and gail) we put in what was intended to be a cameo appearance around nine pm. first we met and had sushi for dinner at the Sakae at Wheelock Place, where we proved that three girls dressed for a night on the town can get a seat really quickly, but three girls dressed for a night on the town accompanied by one boy can't. ahhh, the inequities of life. -cheeky grin-

then, stuffed to the gills with sushi, we cabbed it over to Zouk (a club in town that's been ard for a loooong time), fashionably late. wandered in after having my ID checked (me: did i not look older than 21? alex: the bouncers always check female IDs...) , and immediately discovered that (a) some friends from the U of C i haven't seen since leaving in June were there and (b) the talent show was appalling. however, after the U of C part of the evening was over, the music came on, we started chatting -yelling, rather- over the music with friends, and finally, hit the dance floor when they started playing songs-from-our-childhood. ie dance songs circa late 1980s/early 1990s. -grin- some of those songs have strong strong associations for was great to hear them again.

we bundled out of there around midnight, deaf and slightly stunned by the regular mambo crowd that had shown up around ten thirty or eleven (wednesday night is Mambo Night at Zouk) , and wanted to find some kopi to round off the evening. stumble around for a few minutes, unable to locate said coffeeshop or even to hear each other, and upon discovering that the coffee is across the way, i yawn and say i'm too tired...time to go home and go to bed.

at 12 am.

this morning, i couldn't wake up. like my alarm went off, and played half the CD before i could force myself to stir out of bed. (was almost late for work this morning. dad came and banged on the door at almost-seven thirty to make sure i was still alive post-last-night and i had just finished brushing my teeth. he was horrified. aren't you going to work today? he says. yes, i reply. you'll be late! he cries. nah, i say, it doesn't take that long. besides, i couldn't get out of bed just now.) my back was killing me, not to mention my poor poor ankle, punishing me for dancing in heels for just under an hour. just an hour. (although granted, the ankle was hurt -and is worse today. had to rustle up some flats for the office because frankly, i couldn't face the thought of a day in heels. the pain!) and my eyes won't stay open with the artificial aid of -you guessed it- coffee.

whatever happened to the days when four past-midnight bedtimes in a row were no problem -whatever happened to bouncing back with a vengeance? fiddlesticks to this aging process. bah, i say. =)


At 8:13 PM, August 05, 2004, Blogger SM said...

An hour only? Bah to the ageing process too :p

At 8:57 PM, August 05, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol. an hour?? *grin* what happened to you? and I thought I was getting old! btw. speaking of getting old, I don't know how the people here do it. they're in at 8am and they get out of office at 8pm and then they go out till like midnight or 1am and make it back in by 8am. usually more like 7am. I can't believe they're older than me, I don't have that kind of a stamina.

At 8:57 PM, August 05, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops that was me by the way- C

At 9:21 PM, August 05, 2004, Blogger J. said...

told you lah, getting old =)

you must be surrounded by young people, that's what it is. =p

At 11:36 PM, August 05, 2004, Blogger perception said...

oh, oh! didn't get to ask you abt the talent show when you were online... apparently, I know one person who was in it.

At 10:18 AM, August 06, 2004, Blogger J. said...

who was it that you knew? let me guess...hmm, the vocal percussionist? or the ex-VJ choirboy? -grin- tell me. :)

At 1:04 PM, August 06, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only wish! they're like in their 30s? at least... the older ones are definitely closer to 40 than 30! - C


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