Monday, August 23, 2004

help with RSS feeds

all right, so i've been trying and i can't for the life of me figure out how this whole RSS feed/aggregator thing works. (although i have Idle Thoughts's RSS feed activated, somehow, apparently.)

and then, a moment ago, reading Drezner's post on keeping his blog solo vs. going group, it struck me. i should ask you ppl for help! someone should know how it works.

so please? explain it to me? =) leave a comment. or send me an email, if you know my email addy. -grin- thanks, y'all.

also, apologies for posting being rather thin on the ground over the weekend -but i think we can continue to expect that as long as i'm back in Singapore/at work. the weekends tend to be rather absorbed with parents and grandparent and boyfriend and reading books at a frantic pace, and less time spent on the computer. rather a good thing for my eyes, too. so perhaps i am going to be unconsciously following the example of one Terry Teachout re: weekend posting (ie nonexistent), at least for the near term. you all know when i head back to chi-town it will be constant posting. week days and weekends have no distinctions there -except that i get the Sunday New York Times in hard copy delivered to my doorstep.


At 2:44 AM, August 24, 2004, Blogger paul said...

You're already set up with a feed automatically through blogger, it's just at

and anyone can access that through an RSS reader. You can download readers and customize them iun various ways, but I find bloglines (at to be a good web-based alternative. You just plug in the feed URLs from all the sites you want to read and then you can read them more quickly through the aggregator.

At 9:59 AM, August 24, 2004, Blogger J. said...

hello paul:

much thanks. i stopped by Bloglines and will probably start trying it out sometime in the near future - it seems like a better idea than using my blog's blogroll as a means of keeping track of what i want to read. =)

At 11:16 PM, August 24, 2004, Blogger paul said...

I've always found the blogroll a reallyhelpful tool for organizing sites to read since it informs people of who you are and is a little flattering... but it's also a pain to update, and it might be a little insightly if you rea da LOT of blogs...


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