Tuesday, August 17, 2004

a new project

am presenting embarking on a new project (though perhaps not so much at the office) to get the recipes i'm interested in cooking typed up and loaded online so that i don't have to carry my cookbooks back with me to chicago. cookbooks are heavy. however, am starting to become interested in investing in a few classics, rather than tons of random 'how to cook every kind of potato known to man' ones. i foresee a lot of typing in the near future -hopefully to be followed by lots of cooking in the not-so-near future, when i am back in chicago and my own kitchen.

walked to ChompChomp last night after dinner and finally got my first taste of goreng pisang after four plus weeks in Singapore. (and i call that my favourite food!) it was reasonably good goreng pisang. but i've had better, and from the same stall, too. i just didn't get lucky with the bananas last night - to make good goreng pisang you gotta have really really ripe bananas, and the two i had were just a tad less ripe than i like them. dad and i also bought some char kuay teow for supper (despite having eaten tons of dinner, and then tons of deep fried banana after that), which i happily consumed at eleven, because for some reason i was starving again.

perhaps it was the nice cold lemon-lime juice flavoured with mint that i made to accompany dinner. it's a great summer drink, people. when it's really hot outside, go buy some limes and a lemon, and rip up some fresh mint from your garden (or buy some from the store). squeeze the limes and some of the lemon into a jug, pour in lots and lots of ice cold water, throw in the torn mint leaves, and let it sit for a while. (make sure it's lots of water, because there's no sugar and if you don't dilute the lemon enough...) then fix yourself a tall glass of iced lemon-lime. it is awesome. (i have some with me at the office today.)

haven't had any caffeine today, so brain isn't quite awake. watch this space -or the LJ- for more later.


At 11:13 PM, August 17, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evan here. Your summer drink reminds me of this great cocktail I had in Brisbane. I'm not sure if you've had it before but it's called a mojito and it has bacardi gold, fresh lime, mint + soda. It's a great starter. Refreshing, with a nice alcoholic tinge. :)

At 9:43 AM, August 18, 2004, Blogger J. said...

sounds like an awesome cocktail. -grin- shall have to try it sometime -one of the things missing from said summer drink was the tinge of alcoholic kick...


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