Wednesday, August 04, 2004


upon reading this morning's Today i chanced upon this gem of a headline:

"S'pore student killer suspect faces child porn charges"

never mind the content of the article for a minute. someone guess what this headline means? i thought it mean that someone killing Singaporean students was also facing child porn charges; my cubicle mate thought it meant that a singapore student killer (whatever that means) was suspected of having child porn. it turns out that it was a Singaporean student who was suspected of killing two other Singaporean students who was also facing child porn charges.

how terribly unclear.

also, in the Times Magazine this week, from Consumed:

Charney pulls out a copy of a book called ''The 48 Laws of Power'' and cites No. 13, which suggests that to get what you want you must appeal to the self-interest of others, not their mercy. ''That's the problem with the antisweatshop movement,'' he says, snapping the book closed. ''You're not going to get customers walking into stores by asking for mercy and gratitude. Appeal to people's self-interest.'' [emphasis mine]

amen to that.

in other news, i seem to have hurt my ankle rather more than i thought i had yesterday when i almost fell off my damned heels. (they slipped on the ridiculous tiling outside of Peninsular Plaza, and i almost dropped on my head. however, with the skill that comes with long practice, i stayed upright, albeit in a rather ridiculous skipping fashion, and proceeded to swear furiously all the way to my lunch appointment, drawing some rather curious stares) it's rather sore and it hurts to flex the stupid thing. damn weak ankles. so perhaps there will be little -if any- dancing for me tonight.


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