Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Primal Fear, among other things

dad and i were randomly flipping through cable channels last night, trying to find something to watch that wasn't National Geographic (i was just a wee bit sick of bears and birds and ocean views), and stumbled upon Richard Gere lawyering his way through a courtroom. pausing to watch, briefly, i realised that his client was none other than my beloved Edward Norton, putting on an inspired performance as Aaron/Roy. so we watched. despite having no idea what was going on (this was the last...twenty minutes? of the movie) i enjoyed seeing Edward Norton onscreen again. i'd never seen Primal Fear before. shocking, i know. and that reminded me that i still haven't seen Fight Club! someone needs to lend me the dvd, and quick.

for the bloggers in the audience: i'm reading Ender's Game (another book i was deprived of as a child) and came across a passage that describes activity in the blogosphere in quite a cool fashion. reproduced below for your enjoyment and discussion:

...So she wrote on. Her main identity on the nets was Demosthenes -- Peter chose the name. He called himself Locke. They were obvious pseudonyms, but that was part of the plan. "With any luck, they'll start trying to guess who we are."

"If we get famous enough, the government can always get access and find out who we really are."

"When that happens, we'll be too entrenched to suffer much loss. People might be shocked that Demosthenes and Locke are two kids, but they'll already be used to listening to us." ...

..."We're being read," Peter said. "The ideas are seeping out."

"The phrases, anyway."

"That's just the measure. Look, we're having some influence. Nobody quotes us by name, yet, but they're discussing the points we raise. We're helping to set the agenda. We're getting there."

thoughts on how to change/take over the world, anyone? -grin-


At 11:35 AM, August 24, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol. even better they did it without the help of the blogging culture. merely by posting on message boards and forums. Then again, that gives a higher audience than a blog but a blog would def. help. Are you intending to become famous? - C

At 1:24 PM, August 24, 2004, Blogger J. said...

nah, i'll settle for being listened to, for the moment -grin-


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