Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Happy Teacher's Day

seeing as today is the first of September (hint: when Lim Ah Pin Road is not crowded with Beemers and Mercedes-Benzes hogging both lanes dropping off their precious little brat..i mean children right in front of the damn gate twenty feet from the junction with Upper Serangoon Road and holding up traffic where the light is extremely long and not in our favour; and when the national warning system plays the churchy-bell chimey thing that used to have RGS girls turning to each other and greeting each other with a hug at noon, it's not only the first of the month, it's the first of September), a shout-out to the teachers in our midst:

Happy Teacher's Day!

enjoy your break and your prezzies. =)

have not been up to much, and shall have to start packing for leaving Singapore soon. emergency meeting-up sessions are still possible for much of the next three or four days, but i shall be off monday night. (also, if anyone wants anything from Italy -within reason!- send me an sms/email/leave a comment and i'll see what i can do. and send me your snail mail addys if you want a postcard!) until then, there will be mostly radio silence from me, i think. packing and shopping and the like, you know. however, there will probably be a post on saturday evening extolling the virtues of a new hair style/colour, or complaining that i now look like a dishrag. let's hope it'll be the former rather than the latter. 'til then --


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Hey, I remember the hugging thing =p


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