Monday, September 27, 2004

italy update the fourth

so technically i have to leave for class in twenty minutes, so of course i'm here uploading pictures for your viewing pleasure. -grin- avoidance begins even before school does. first up, we have a one day side trip we took to the Cinque Terre, or Five Lands, which is protected as a Unesco World Heritage site. it's really a bunch of five lovely little fishing village type places, built into the rocky hillside along the Ligurian coast, and has some absolutely breathtaking views of the coastline. it's also home to some of the most awesome pizza i had on the trip -who knew that tomatoes and tuna could taste so good? i'd like to live there -for a while; you know i'm a big-city girl myself- just because the view to wake up to every morning is so incredibly awesome. here, see for yourself -but this is just a tiny little taste of what it would be like to live in Corneglia.

of course, the rest of what it means to live in Corneglia is having to climb 300 steps up and down from the railway station to the town everytime you wanted to go somewhere else, so why not live in charming beach-resorty filled-with-old-people Monterosso instead?

after a stopover in La Spezia (where we stayed, as opposed to somewhere in the Cinque Terre, and where we watched the Monza Grand Prix, which had one of Minardis catch fire in the pit lane, and had Schumi and Barichello clawing their way back up the order to a one-two finish after a disastrous start for both of them), we headed to Pisa, and then to Rome.

Pisa is, of course, as beautiful as everyone else says it is. especially the square that holds the famed leaning tower, and the baptistry with beautiful acoustics, and the wonderful cathedral. huge. we rushed rather through there, because we were enroute to Rome. but still managed to see stuff -alex climbed the tower!- and eat some really good panini too.

more from me later, including of course the obligatory holding-up-the-tower picture, which alex obligingly took for me, and posed me for -- class calls!


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