Thursday, September 16, 2004

posting from the middle of rome

heyhey boys and girls:

last day in Rome, have just seen the Vatican Museums and the Basilica di San Pietro after being rained on, and am updating a little earlier than anticipated, because we have some extra credit in the Easy Internet in Rome.

the trip's been pretty fun thus far, only slightly marred by some recurring issues with my back and gastric attacks, but for the most part i've enjoyed myself. particularly in Florence, though i'd say Venice would give it a good run for my money. (i certainly spent more in Florence though, on a new red leather jacket!) Rome isn't really my kind of city, though it is growing on me. for one thing, it surrounds one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen - St. Peter's Basilica, which contains Michelangelo's Pieta, possibly the most beautiful sculpture the world has ever seen. hey, if you ask me, that's the title i would give it. but it's surrounded by other beautiful pieces. and let's not forget the Sistine Chapel, peeps. that is gorgeous, if a little neckstrain-inducing. and it's always amusing to watch the guards herding tourists like sheep, and hushing people with loud SHHHHHHHs when they think it's getting too loud for the inside of a holy place. (which is approximately once every twenty seconds, it felt like.)

more from me later, once the pictures are uploaded. don't expect anything exciting from the inside of the Chapel, since i was good and kept quiet and kept my camera in my bag, but there should be some pretty cool shots of other bits of italy. stay tuned --


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