Thursday, October 28, 2004

the curse has broken

the Boston Red Sox are the champions of the 2004 World Series! pulling off eight straight games, coming from 3-0 down against the Yankees to take the ACLS, then sweeping the Cardinals in four straight games to take the World Series. it's been a long time coming -86 years!- but the Red Sox have finally done it! with style, too. none of this nambly-pambly seven-game series business.

we caught the last few innings of Game Four because wednesday night is tvfest night in my apartment: an hour of America's Top Model followed by the highlight of the week, the all important hour of the new season of West Wing. i can't BELIEVE (italicised and bolded for emphasis) what happened last night. it is totally insane. i can't imagine what is going to happen next. AHHHHHH i really have to wait an entire week to find out? and then watch the ramifications unfold over an entire season??!! i can't wait. (apologies if this drives the legion of West Wing fans back home to distraction. i'm doing my best not to do a spoiler, but i am going to explode! if i can't at least yelp about it for a bit)

then we flipped over to Game Four, right in the middle of the seventh inning (though we missed 'God Bless America', so i promptly started singing - we had been singing the Star-Spangled Banner earlier anyway) and -the Cards hadn't even managed to score one run, ONE RUN, and the Red Sox were 3-0 up. by the time it was down to the final three outs in the bottom of the ninth i wasn't even pretending to be studying for the midterm that i have in slightly under an hour this morning. it was great to watch the team jump all over each other with joy, and the Sox fans at home in Boston doing the same thing. coolness. =)

well -gotta go work on that midterm, so...wish me luck!


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