Wednesday, October 13, 2004

economics problem sets!

i suspect econ problem sets and i would get along much better if they weren't really the spawn of all things evil, but seeing as they are, and my international trade teacher has seen fit to assign a hellishly long problem set today that's due thursday, i think i shall have to put off changing my attitude toward them for now. -grin-

on the other hand, my Hua Mulan arrived in the mail today (yay for DHL and mommy) and i watched one episode earlier this evening while stuck, most ferociously, in the midst of writing my research statement for the BA. (the research statement is due to my preceptor by tomorrow. it has been emailed off, half-written, for comments, because i can't for the life of me make it any clearer than it is without doing more reading.) that one episode made me v. happy -there was, of course, an insane amount of exposition in it, but at the very end, my favourite character appeared! i'd forgotten this was how they (he and mulan) met. i speak, of course, of my dear Zhao Wen Zhuo, who is possibly the most attractive Chinese actor alive today.

and there are another 46 episodes to go! ah, bliss. time to come home early after class and sack out in front of the tv, i think...

in the meantime, here's a preliminary research intent statement to chew on:

I am working on studying ASEAN's reaction to the threat of terrorism in the region because I want to find out if member states are responding in the manner Koremenos, Lipson and Snidal predict in their rational design framework, in order to help my reader understand the constraints on regional institutionalisation and integration.

yay for The Craft of Research, which we are reading for BA seminar. most useful little work, it is.


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