Friday, October 29, 2004

iPod Photo!

sign me up for one of these!

he's right, you know. buying an iPod is not a rational economic decision. it's an instinctive i want! reaction, just like a child reaching for anything in sight (generally to stick it into his mouth, though i wouldn't reccomend doing that to your brand new iPod.) it's just and elegant. and shiny in the back. and cool. who cares if there are cheaper competing models out there that can do approximately the same thing, or that weigh less, or have longer battery life? (ok so i'm slightly bitter abt battery life, but honestly, how often DO you listen to music fifteen hours straight anyway?) they aren't an iPod.

then again i am somewhat of a techy-geek, and automatically respond to most cool new gadgets with an i want reaction: see someone using the Blackberry or a Treo in a cellular company's commercial? i want! one of those. even though my cellie can do just about everything that i could conceivably use the alternatives for. PDAs are another great temptation, despite the fact that all i need them to do is be a cellphone. -grin- sure, opening microsoft documents and so on to read on the fly is a great idea -i love it!- but i also have a twelve inch computer that isn't too heavy to tote around, with a much bigger screen for reading, so what need have i for a PDA? doesn't stop me from wanting one though. -grin-

however, we live in an unlimited-wants-limited-resources sort of world, and my resources are far better spent elsewhere, so i just bite my lip, stuff the i want! reaction back in the three-year-old's-mentality bag where it came from, and concentrate on more important things. like West Wing, which comes on after said commercials; or reading for The BA Thesis. (it looms!)


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