Sunday, October 03, 2004

saturdays are too too short

gosh, what a day. the plan was to go to Target, get some shopping done, come home, have time to do other things, like do laundry and work. however, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that -- let's just say that instead of a simple two, three hour trip to Target, we left at noon and got back at five-thirty. =p and poor alex is tired from all that driving he had to do!

however, i did get a new food processor! -bounce bounce- -very excited- so now i can make pesto, and chop onions without crying, and chop garlic without killing myself and oh, make a bunch of things that can't be done (practically) without a food processor! and it only cost me thirty bucks, is a Black and Decker, and came with a free bonus handmixer! (which my roomie will appreciate, seeing as she is the one who makes cookies and other things-involving-dough. i, on the other hand, will make whipped cream!) this is every inch as cool to me as getting her very own power drill would be for ying. -grin- i'm happy.

oh, and of course a bunch of other odds and ends, like strawberry Nutrigrain bars -the best kind-, crackers, soap, that sort of thing. but the best is definitely the food processor! and we got frames for our two jigsaws too, which was nice. for a while we were worried about fitting the shopping-loads of five people into the trunk of the car, but the Taurus proved roomy and Amanda proved herself as a champion packer -there was room to spare!

however we did come home rather beat. so dinner was simple -store-bought roast chicken, and i made fettucine alfredo with store-bought fresh fettucine. (i really wanna try making my own sometime soon!) still, my first attempt at fettucine alfredo probably wasn't too terrible -how can anything with lots of parmiggiano in it be bad? tomorrow, i'll try making pesto. if i have time -i still have to do laundry, try and bake some chocolate chip cookies to bring to Duncan when i go see him sometime soon, and Do My Homework (hopefully i'll finish the Chinese Essay tonight.) as well. ahh, weekends, they're never long enough.


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