Thursday, October 07, 2004

Veep Debates

oh, yet another comment to make on the ongoing election saga here in the good ol' US of A. last night was the first VP debate between Cheney and Edwards (at the same time as the Twins-Yankees playoff game) . i caught none of it, having consciously decided not to waste my time (and mind) watching all of it, but did catch a brief snippet of it on the news report immediately after (emily was watching tv and called me out to see it).

i have no comment on the substantive part of the debate -i did, after all, see but one exchange between the two- other than to remark that both seemed more ready to answer and more ready to go at each other's throats than Bushie and Kerry (which may well be a result of two things: (a) they are not the primary reason people vote and (b) VP debates don't matter, which is an extension of (a).). my real comment is this: is it me or does Dick Cheney look not-human? (not inhuman, mind you, not in the superman or cruel kind of way. simply not human, in the i am an alien sort of way.) it's sort of disturbing. like watching a robot with attack speech.

on the other hand i don't seem to be getting the vibe that Edwards acquitted himself fairly well either, but as the debate is fairly inconsequential, this is probably not a big deal. (he does need to stop quoting John Kerry, i have to say. it's almost as annoying as Bushie calling non-Iraq-War-supporters traitors, or whatever it is he said.)

my question is, if Dick Cheney is 'one of the most powerful vps' that america has seen for a long time -and it is not hard to imagine that he has massive massive influence over how the adminstration is run -i cannot help but think of him as the main force behind Bushie's administration (ah, the unholy alliance between Cheney and Rummy!), why is it that the VP debates are still inconsequential? shouldn't people give a shit what Cheney has to say? (then again, perhaps we already know what he has to say, and Edwards doesn't give any indication of being a strong VP, does he, so perhaps, ultimately, it doesn't matter.)


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