Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Every Vote Counts!

so people need to get out there and vote before 5pm today, if they haven't already. to misquote the Tylenol ads: stop. think. vote.

hard to believe it is Election Day in America right now. in a small room in the South Tower, people are casting their ballots as i type (my apartment building is a polling station in Hyde Park. i conjecture it is because we are a building full of old people who can't get anywhere else to vote.) . this morning, in class, Professor Silbermann asked of us how many had voted and who for, and the class is overwhelmingly pro-Kerry (surprise surprise).

i'll be blogging election results tonight -of course- as and when i can get to a TV. i think Em might still be having peeps over for the regular tuesday night Babylon-5-a-thon, but we'll see. at the very least i should have the TV at nine; til then i'll be following as closely as i can via and various other news networks online. meanwhile i wave my kerry-edwards sticker (they mushroomed up around campus this morning, it's great) and cross my fingers.

more later. GO KERRY! Beat Bush!


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