Friday, November 05, 2004

happy thoughts

am muchly cheered up now, by a combination of an hour of CSI and chocolate chip cookies (thank you nestle tollhouse for making freezable cookie dough for just these occasions...), and homecooked steamed egg that miraculously turned out silky smooth. alex and i ate three whole eggs between us. (and he ate most of a big piece of round steak, which was slightly tough -perhaps i should have added vodka to the marinade- but was still tasty!)

another cheering thought that kept me happily occupied for ten minutes this afternoon: the Coastal States + Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin should seccede from the Union and join Canada. (or form a seperate state called the United Democratic States of America, but then you have the problem of non-contiguous borders, and we see how that's a real problem with Israel and the Palastinian state, don't we?) it's the perfect plan, boys and girls. i don't have a map to demonstrate, nor do i have the computer skills required to trace out the borders even if i did, so you'll have to imagine this: on the Pacific Northwest, we'll have Washington, Oregon and California forming a contiguous border with the Pacific Coast of Canada; on the East Coast we'll just take all of New England as far as Pennsylvania, thank you very much; and then we'll take the three Midwest states through the border with Lake Michigan. (this might entail building a bridge between Chicago and Michigan, which is sort of disturbing, but acceptable.) Alex wants to take Alaska, because he likes it. i like it too. it has bald eagles and whales in it. and we'll take Hawaii, thank you very much, because we need more vacation spots. how's that?

yet another cheering thought: an email popped into my mailbox proclaiming the shipment of Seasons Two and Three of West Wing from Amazon, so they should be here within a couple of days. yay! do you West Wing junkies over on the other side of the world want to know anything about the latest and most exciting season ever? -spoiler tease- can't wait for next wednesday -where i will be sacrificing watching a really important episode of one of my favourite shows ever to go up to Lincoln Park and hear Neil Gaiman read from his currently-in-progress book, Anansi Boys, and hopefully sign my copy of Brief Lives and 1602. yay!

how is it the end of sixth week?


At 10:55 PM, November 07, 2004, Blogger Packrat said...

Hey! Neil Gaimen! Can you help me get an autograph? Darn...wish that I could get you my copy of Good Omens so that I can have BOTH the author's signatures on it...
I wish I were in the States. *igh. :I

At 11:20 PM, November 07, 2004, Blogger J. said...

dude! you have an autographed Good Omens with Pratchett's signature! i'm jealous now. =p gaiman seems pretty cool about signing stuff though -he signed my American Gods last time and if i had had more copies of his stuff i'm sure he would have signed those too. yay.

you could fedex your copy to me. overnight mail. =) we go wednesday...


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