Monday, November 29, 2004

a national treasure?

so we went to watch National Treasure at AMC River East last night. and this after i had been up til three am the night before reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons -yes, i know, it has been out for a long time, yadda yadda -i am slow and poor, ok? a combination which denied me this book until i saw in Powell's last weekend going for three bucks- and therefore still in fascinated by the Illuminati/Freemasons/Holy Grail mode. (i just finished rereading Da Vinci Code ten minutes ago, despite really really needing to be doing some work for any of my classes, havig slacked off all Thanksgiving weekend eating too much and shopping with Rachel and Shum. (rachel is now safely home in Pasadena. Her hat and scarf, however, are not, and will soon have to endure a cross -almost cross- country trek via USPS in a brown paper parcel to be reunited with their owner.)

surprisingly, it wasn't a bad movie. put all your objections to Nicolas Cage being the lead actor in any movie aside (yes, i know, the man gets more sleazy every year, against all odds) , accept that the hot babe is Diane Kruger (spelled, i just realised, like the national park) of Helen of Troy fame, sit back and enjoy the ride. it's an excuse to visit multiple american cities in one movie, including a flight deck in New York, and best of all, it involves puzzle-solving and clue-following! what more could one want out of a movie, right? (yes, my darlings, i KNOW i'm a geek. YOU know i'm a geek.) i was sitting in the cinema wondering to myself if i really could take the time out and energy to do some reading about the masons and their connections with american history. as well as their connections with grail/church history. the whole grail thing is v fascinating (i am sure i am not nearly close to being the first person to make this remark -grin-) and i know almost nothing abt it. (um. knights of the round table? indiana jones?)

and like all good thriller-adventure movies (and books!), at least by my definition, it tied up all loose ends neatly into a bow, before sliding into credits. (whereupon i promptly forgot i had a purse, almost left without it, remembered as i was leaving, turned back and then couldn't find it, prompting a panicked search ended by a kind gentleman who pointed out that i had somehow managed to stuff it under the arm of my seat.) and it had a cool and funny sidekick -Riley- who wore cool clothes, had funny lines, and wound up with a great car. (but no babe.) go watch it. it's two hours of entertainment remarkably devoid of things-that-blow-up, and conspiracies to take over the world.


At 11:11 AM, December 10, 2004, Blogger Ondine said...

The movie was indeed very fun. Don't worry, am totally of my feet, literally. Having withdrawl symptoms from running, but annoyed was only a minute faster than Wong Li Lin. Humph. Coughing now but well, come Monday, we'll be in Bali, Baby!

Yay!You're not coming back for Christmas right?


At 3:45 AM, December 12, 2004, Blogger J. said...

hey S:

nope, won't be home for christmas this year. the parentals, with brother in tow, are coming to visit us here in chilly chicago. should be a blast. and shopping galore. -grin-

have fun in Bali! get a great tan. -grin- and a holiday in the sun is the best way i know to get rid of the last malingering effects of the flu. (not, like i will be doing, taking a vacation in Boston when the week-long rain is turning into snow.)


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