Friday, November 26, 2004

thanksgiving redux

i am destined, it seems, to spend my thanksgivings in Apt 508, the Windermere. we were there for Janice's fantastic turkey last year (with Ying and her parents, and alvin, and a whole host of other people who came to help consume the massive bird); and i've just gotten home from thanksgiving feasting at Amanda-and-Sheryl's, where we -meaning a ravenous crowd of friends- gathered to pick the (non-existent) bones of a 15lb turducken nice and clean. (no night meat-sweats over leftover turkey, shum!)

there was tons of food -everyone seemed to bring exciting contributions! i brought spinach-mushroom-sausage lasagna, which was completely wiped out; and a green bean casserole, with mushrooms cooked in garlic butter and cream; someone else brought her turkey (she had planned another, separate dinner) and pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream; there was pasta and salad and mashed potatoes and all the wonderful trimmings of a turkey dinner on Turkey Day. and of course, who could forget: shum made an awesome sweet potato casserole with a great marshmallow top, and crunchy sweet topping of pecans, cornflakes, sugar and spice. wonderful. i never really liked sweet potato, but that casserole may just have changed my mind forever.

and who could forget mike's contribution! mike came over my place for lunch this afternoon (yes, i got up at ten, went to the kitchen, and Started Cooking -it was an all day project- by chopping up tons of root veggies and making a chicken stew/potpie for lunch. four people ate a whole pot of stew and eight buttermilk biscuits.) and then we made bread, from scratch. my first attempt at making bread (without a bread machine). it was great fun. i swear we had monster mutant yeast though: it took the bread less than half an hour to proof each time (to double in size) and for a while it looked like the bread dough was going to take over my kitchen. (the fact that my kitchen was insanely warm from all the cooking and baking for my contribution to tonight's dinner may have helped the yeast ferment that sugar faster though.)

i forgot to take a photo of the bread or of the monster-mutant-yeast-filled dough though. my apologies.

now i'm really tired, and filled with delicious food (including tryptophan-filled turkey) and drink (who could have thought homemade sangria made with an entire bottle of red wine and an entire bottle of white wine -a precious riesling- could taste so good?). so now would probably be a good time to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving, and wisely retire to bed.


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