Monday, November 22, 2004


hmm. today is the...22nd...oh no!

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Cousiiiiiiiiiiin...
Happy Birthday To You!

welcome to being 22. =)

no updates since friday -no updates all weekend! what's up with that? clearly i am slacking off =) i haven't been near the computer overmuch since thursday night. since i went shopping all day on friday, capping that off with dinner in Chinatown at Ken Kee's, and spent saturday pretty much asleep in alex's apartment, alternating between reading Used and Rare and watching the Food Network, and sleeping. and then going to the Ransom Notes concert at Bartlett, much thanks to miguel for the tickets. and Sunday...sunday i did some work, yes, i know, how amazing -wrote a paper in between puttering around the apartment, going to the store for groceries, and meeting Gabriel in school to discuss this ridiculous Chinese debate we are having in an hour.

and i made pseudo-ravioli. think i shall try to do the real thing one of these days -using wonton skins as wrappers doesn't really work, because they just taste like weird wantons or shuijiao. -frown- i'm just worried about being unable to roll the dough out thin enough to make it -well i have to roll it out by hand. but the filling worked out pretty ok: mushrooms, spinach, sweet italian sausage. in fact it was quite good. perhaps i shall make lasagna with it for the Thanksgiving Feast instead of ravioli...

the last great accomplishment of this weekend was buying plane tickets for our great Denver-New York adventure this winter break. we're going to go see H in Colorado, go skiing, and then spend christmas with her family in Denver! i'm excited. =) i haven't been back to denver since winter break my second year, so it'll be fun to go back. after that, we leave Denver on Boxing Day to go meet my parents and brother in New York, where we'll spend four days just shopping and eating it up in the Big Apple. then it'll be back here to Chi-town, show my brother the sights, hang out with my parents, that sort of thing. looking forward to it already!

one of these days, i'll post that piece on Civil Society that i've been intending to write since thursday morning. and a little bit more on the BA progress. but for now, i have to get my ass to school...


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