Monday, January 24, 2005

happy days are here again

hello again, my dears. just a quick post to reassure you that yes, i am still alive, and no, this blog is not dead. =) i apologise for the infrequent updates -my life is undergoing madness right now, it is winter quarter in chicago, and The First Draft is due in four days. so understandably i am doing major procrastination, most of which involves not being here working.

also, for those of you who do not religiously follow the weather news out of Chicago (that would be everyone who reads this blog who isn't my mother), we here in the midwest (and now over on the eastern seaboard, where our merry winter storm has gone to wreak havoc now) have been in the middle of a major winter snowstorm over the weekend. my first whiteout! we looked out the windows of the apartment (which i did not leave At All yesterday -it snowed continuously! for something like 36 hours!) and couldn't see the trees across the street. forget 53rd Street, or Hyde Park Towers, or the lake. we couldn't even see the roofs of houses across the street. we couldn't see the street! but it was incredibly pretty. i was just really thankful i was indoors, and that the heat in our building appears -for now- to be holding out. (i was sick yesterday -still am, probably- and made myself tomato soup. which i let boil over at dinnertime, and spill all over our white stove. red tomato soup and white stoves don't really mix well.) we've had a bit of a letup in the temperatures -hovering in the minus 5C region now- and today was an absolutely gorgeously sunny day, once it stopped snowing somewhere ard 10am. (which is probably when it decided to go scare some people in philly, or boston, or new york, or return to canada whence it came. or florida, but we can only hope.) it looks rather like we got ard a foot of snow thanks to this storm, so we're set for a good bit of slush and messiness for a while. looks like Chicago doesn't want to let me leave without reminding me how awful winters can be here. (i don't really mind the cold, but i do hate slush!)

on the upside, The First Draft is now hovering on Page Eleven, which means just over nine pages to go before i have something that's halfway fit to turn on on thursday at midnight. (or friday at ten am, depending.) at this point, i've written the introduction that outlines the project: (a) why Southeast Asia; and (b) why ASEAN; and (c) how ASEAN; and a good chunk of the bits about 'Why Not ASEAN/Why ASEAN cooperation (will) fail' -that should take another half a page, min -more likely a page. so that leaves me with eight pages to write about 'Why ASEAN' to cope with counterterrorism, as outlined in the previous post. and then to outline the rest of the project. should be in good shape!

muchos gracias to those who offered help and suggestions in the comments to the earlier post. i am definitely looking into them. =) (i read the White Paper this afternoon. it was tres helpful, particularly for the section i have to write tomorrow.)

now i'm gonna go seek my bed and uncross my eyes. hope you all are doing well. =) esp peeps on the east coast buried in snow!


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