Friday, January 14, 2005

i hate chicago and all its environs

i am having the goddamn afternoon from HELL.

first, i forget my hat and my gloves this morning, and guess what? yesterday/this morning's drizzle has turned into a full-blown, GIANT SNOWFLAKED snowstorm. yay. way to turn into a snow-woman.

second, i was going to go and catch a nap between classes this afternoon at alex's apartment, but seeing as someone else has my set of keys, and has had them for more than a goddamn week, i can't get in. hence, i am in the Reg, which means i have to do work. on my BA draft. which is due in a little over two weeks.

third, i have just spent an inordinate amount of time fiddling with the centuries-old lock on my locker, because i have a shitload of books i just spent shitloads of money on for Islamic Politics which i don't fancy hauling around campus for two hours while i wait for my afternoon class to start. and the lock doesn't open unless you baby it like your first-born child (note: not MY firstborn child, since my track record of complete klutziness doesn't bode well for the poor creature.) i'm actually afraid to lock my coat and/or my computer in there, for fear that i won't be able to get it open again later.

fourth, i have a three pm class.

jeanette is NOT a happy camper right now.


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