Friday, February 11, 2005


oh my god, if Grissom starts dating Sophia i am going to kill someone. (probably Billy Peterson.) this is a nightmare! i hope she leaves. every time there's a new episode of CSI i watch the credits to see if they've changed, to make sure they haven't given the chick who plays Sophia a permanent slot in the credits. still hoping against hope that she's going to Go Away. ickick. nothing against a new character, but new characters better not try and horn in on my perfect CSI team. -grin- bad enough that Icklie's broken them up. -mourn mourn-

all right, i bet everyone who's reading this is like 'well, she hasn't updated in a month, and now she updates because she's pissed off about a television show.' well yes. i AM pissed off about a television show. but i shall pretend to have faith that the producers (yes i'm looking at you mr peterson) will take this in the right direction. bah.

in other news about jeanette's life, i took a pretty nasty tumble this afternoon -right before my presentation in Islamic Politics, i'll have you know- which pretty much stunned me for a couple of minutes. i slipped, went down sideways, landed on my knees, one of which -the left- i'm pretty sure wasn't intended by God to bend in that direction, and hit various body parts including my head on the way down. not pretty. so i had to sit through one hour and thirty minutes of class trying not to move my knee and trying to surreptitiously ice it with my diet coke can. (yes, i drink diet coke. silence.) then i had to get home. thankfully, yasser was on hand to carry my bag out of Cobb, and then alex came with the car and drove me. i have to admit, getting into the car brought me to tears.

i've been sitting on my couch for the last three hours, pretty much, sometimes with an ice pack on my knee, trying very hard not to move. the knee's less painful now than it was when i got home, thankfully. hopefully i will regain some mobility tomorrow.

and hopefully this CSI mess is the third bad thing to happen to me in two days (bad things come in threes!) so i don't have to wait for the other shoe to drop. wish me luck.


At 3:15 PM, February 13, 2005, Blogger one-zero said...

jeanette...:( i hope you get better, soon.

these kind of things always happen, you know? recently, i smashed my wrist trying to yank open the door to the lab. don't ask me how, or why..

btw...your 'i drink diet coke. silence.' is damn funny, it brought a grin to my face.


At 10:09 PM, February 13, 2005, Blogger J. said...

hey ry --

thanks :) getting better, slowly. at least i can walk semi-normally now, albeit at a pace more suited to a two year old with a peg leg.

-grin- the number of times i have gotten weird looks from people for drinking diet coke...('do you know what's in there?! it's all weird chemicals and shit!')


At 1:49 AM, February 14, 2005, Blogger one-zero said...

grin. cummon...not as though everything we eat nowadays doesn't have one kind of chemical, or the other, you know? Think about the meat we eat...or the canned stuff that we cook with...

so keep on drinking it! :) and ask them what they eat/drink next time someone does that to you.

get well soon...and say hi to alex for me! we'll be going back soon, doesn't that feel weird?

At 3:37 AM, February 14, 2005, Blogger J. said...

incredibly weird. and incredibly OLD! i don't wanna be an adult...-grins-


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